Union Salaries EXPO$ED
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The salaries of Local 17 Sheet Metal's 1 Percenters may look small compared to top boss Joe Nigro, who's reported salary exceeded $447,000 in 2011, but these union leaders still make big bucks

Festus Joyce, Treasurer - Salary: $118,767

Edward Foley, Business Agent - Salary: $118,486

Robert L Butler Jr., Business Agent - Salary: $116,769

Russell Bartash, Business Agent - Salary: $116,669

Richard Keogh, Business Agent - Salary: $116,344

Michael K Carpenter, Labor Management Rep - Salary: $114,893

Edward Marenburg, Labor Management Director - Salary:    $114,755

Neal Kelleher, Director Of Labor Mgmt - Salary: $113,398

Joseph Bergantino, Business Agent    - Salary: $98,104

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