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Say Hello the Painters' 1-Percenters

By all accounts, members of Painters Union Local 35 have had their share of hardship these past few years.  Not so for the lucky ones who happen to be employed by the union.  Here's the list of the 1-Percenters out of Roslindale.  It's a rather long list, so you might want to grab a seat.  To see Jeff Sullivan's salary, click here

Local 35's list of other 1-Percenters include:

William Mcdevitt, Assistant To Bmst - Salary: $160,081

William Doherty Jr., Business Representative - Salary: $151,580

John Laughlin, Organizer/political Director - Salary: $144,516

Paul Canning, Director Of Organizing - Salary: $145,801

Vernal Gaylor, Business Representative - Salary: $139,181

Antonio Hernandez, Representative/organizer - Salary: $137,197

William Legrand, Representative/organizer- Salary: $136,851

Charles Fogell, Business Representative - Salary: $135,851

Joseph Itri, Business Representative - Salary: $134,640

Joseph Guarino, Business Representative - Salary: $133,933

Michael Lafferty, Business Representative - Salary: $132,314

John Doherty Jr., Organizer/research - Salary: $129,616

Eugene L D'avolio, Business Rep/organizer- Salary: $128,702

Martin Castillo, Organizer - Salary: $114,805

Justin Desmond, Organizer - Salary: $107,883

Robert Jelly, Organizer - Salary: $89,573

Lauren Macpherson, Ims Coordinator - Salary: $83,791

Jeff Sullivan Painters Union Local 35
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