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Meet the 1-Percenters of Operators Local 4

"Sweet" Lou Rasetta runs this 1-Percenters Club in Medway, MA.  Although there still remains plenty of out-of-work construction equipment operators who run cranes, front-end loaders, etc., Sweet Lou and his Merry Band of Brothers at Local 4 still manage a nice take home pay. To see Sweet Lou's salary, click here

Local 4's other 1-Percenters include:

David Fantini, Business Rep - Salary: $151,872

Michael Bowes, Business Rep - Salary: $150,204

Kevin Bennett, Business Rep - Salary: $149,292

Christopher Fogarty, Business Rep - Salary: $149,082

William Mcglaughlin, Business Rep - Salary: $148,592

David Shea, Director Of Organizing - Salary: $148,351

Paul Diminico, Business Rep - Salary: $146,155

Thomas Mccormack, Business Rep - Salary: $142,466

Rodney Gillespie, Business Rep - Salary: $135,822

Barbara Paine, Office Manager - Salary: $88,747

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