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Mark Erlich
Carpenters Union

The Carpenters Union is riddled with 1-Percenters, led by their boss Mark Erlich.  Mr. Erlich reportedly raked in an astonishing $274,361 in 2011 according to IRS filings.  In the 2011 tax return, Erlich list his "Reportable compensation from the organization" of $187,231.  He then goes onto list "Estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and other related organizations" as an additional $87,130.  Erlich is a "1-Percenter" indeed.
Francis Callahan
Massachusetts Building Trades

The Massachusetts Building Trades Council is often described as the umbrella organization for all the construction trade unions in Massachusetts. The Council is run by Francis Callahan, who took in $162,718 for running an organization with just 83 members.  Callahan was also part of the Council when the IRS slapped a lien on the organization for failing to pay taxes. To see the news report, click here
Martin Walsh
Boston Building Trades

Boston Building Trades Council underwent a change last year when State Representative and low-level union official Martin J. Walsh muscled his way in and took over as the boss of the union, raking in a cool $167,911, which is on top of his state house salary.  We wonder though, where does Marty find the time to fulfill his duties at two full-time jobs?

And where does Marty park that big Jeep the union bought him?

Steven Tolman
Massachusetts AFL-CIO

The MA AFL-CIO is run by another political hack, former state senator Steve Tolman.  In 2011, Tolman reported making $99,966 from the union.

In his tax filings, Tolman claimed he did not receive "Estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and other related organizations."  However, Union Salaries discovered that in 2011, Tolman also took in $13,968 from the AFL-CIO Workforce Development Program, bringing his total salary in 2011 to $113,934.

File under: Things that make you go Hmm.

Joseph Bonfiglio
Laborers Union

The Laborers Union is run by boss Joseph Bonfiglio, who reported income last year of a whopping $238,382.  Boss Bonfiglio is joined by several other high earners at the union, which you can find here.
Charles Raso
Bricklayers Union

Charles Raso didn't exactly go hungry as President of the Bricklayers Union, reportedly raking in $201,998 last year.

Thomas Saccoach
.Boilermakers Union Local 29

Thomas Saccoach reported taking home $117,598 last year as the Business Manager for the Boilermakers Union.  Not bad considering he has less than 300 members.

Kevin McGettigan
Elevator Constructors Local 4

The Elevator Constructors Local 4 does not have filings more recent than 2011, but it was still a good year for Kevin McGettigan, who reported making $155,497 with the union as their Business Manager.  Not bad for a small union with less than 1,000 members.

Curtis Devillers

Elevator Constructors Local 41

Like his counterparts at the Elevators Union Local 4, Local 41 also does not have any data more recent than 2011, but  we discovered that Business Representative Curtis Devillers took home $87,900.  But don' feel nervous for Curtis, it's important to know his union reported only having 144 members.

Dan D'Alma
IBEW Electrical Union Local 7

IBEW Local 7 is out of Springfield, MA and their most recent financial report from 2011 shows Business Manager Daniel D'Alma bringing home a cool $93,745 while overseeing a mere few hundred members.

Leo E. Miller, Jr.
IBEW Electrical Union Local 96

IBEW Local 96's report of 2012 shows their head honcho, Financial Secretary Leo Miller raked in $97,566.  The Worcester local also has just a couple of hundred members. We'd say this salary is more than a bit excessive, wouldn't you?
Michael Monahan
IBEW Electrical Union Local 103

IBEW Local 103's Business Manager Michael Monahan reported his 2011 paycheck was $163,277.  It's important not to confuse Michael Monahan with the four other gentlemen of the same last name who are all on IBEW 103's payroll.  See their information here.
David Fenton
IBEW Electrical Union Local 223

IBEW Local 223's 2011 report shows the Lakeville union local with a few hundred members paid their Business Manager David Fenton $87,043.
Fran Boudrow
Asbestos Union Local 6

Asbestos Union Local 6's Business Manager is Fran Boudrow, who reportedly made $108,350 last year.
Jay Hurley
Ironworkers Local Unions

The Ironworkers are certainly paying their big man, Jay Hurley a princely sum.  Last year Jay reportedly raked in a whopping $225,209.  We wonder how many members went without a paycheck last year while Jay enjoyed his lavish salary…  

Michael Durant
Ironworkers Local Unions

The Ironworkers Union in Boston is represented by Michael Durant, who in 2011 reported taking in $167,484.  We received several tips that Mr. Durant is no longer with Local 7.  If anyone has information about this, please let us know at Information@unionsalaries.com
Kevin McKinnon
Ironworkers Local Unions

The Ironworkers in Worcester's go-to-guy is Kevin McKinnon is bringing down $144,918.
Fiore Grassetti
Ironworkers Local Unions

Fiore's all smiles here, and why shouldn't he be?  The City of Springfield's Ironworkers Union main man raked in $123,991 last year, a nice fat paycheck in a beleaguered city whose residents would be happy to earn one-third of Mr. Grassetti's paycheck.
Lou Rasetta
Operators Union Local 4

For those who are not familiar with this union, the Operators (aka Operators and Engineers) ranks are members who run cranes, front-end loaders, etc.  Their chief, Louis Rasetta reported taking in $205,923.  Not bad while so many of his members have sat idle during the last couple of years.

Mitty Melville
Operators Union Local 98

Does Mitty even live in Massachusetts? Last we heard, his domicile was in Vermont.

Anyway, the Operators Union man-in-charge in the Springfield area is Eugene "Mitty" Melville.  Mitt made a handsome $113,466 last year.
Jeffrey Sullivan
Painters Union Local 35

Painters Union boss Jeffrey Sullivan made a whopping $194,995 last year.
Ray Beaudry
Plumbers Union Local 4

Plumbers Union Local 4 out of West Boylston is headed by boss Ray Beaudry.  Ray, who represents just a few hundred members, reported taking in $128,787 in 2011.

Kevin Cotter
Plumbers Union Local 12

Plumbers Local 12 out of Boston is run by Kevin Cotter, who reported taking in $145,042 last year.
Mark Daley
Plumbers Union Local 104

Plumbers Local 104 in Chicopee is managed by Mark Daley, who reported a salary of $92,204 in 2011.  Not bad in Chicopee, where our median household income is about $44,000.
Leo Fahey
Plumbers Union Local 537

Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 537 boss is Leo Fahey, who raked in $181,676 in 2011.  To paraphrase Leo, working as a union boss, "isn't just a job, it's a career!"  When you make the kind of loot Leo does, why wouldn't you want to make it a career?
Peter Gibbons
Plumbers Local Union 550

Sprinklerfitters Local 550's boss is Peter Gibbons.  Gibbons, who reported his membership was barely over 500 in 2011, brought down a whopping $172,332 that year.  And Gibbons was joined by a few other "1-Percenters" listed here.
Stephen Uva
Plasters and Cement Masons Local 534

Plasters and Cement Masons Local 534 is run by Stephen Uva.  Mr. Uva's union has less people than most weddings, yet he still managed to take in $101,475
Paul Bickford
Roofers Union Local 33

Roofers Local 33's boss is Paul Bickford, who raked in $171,973 in 2011.  Talk about living the high life!
Joe Nigro
Sheet Metal Workers International Association

Here's a local guy who has made the big time.  Boston's own Joe Nigro, once a union member with Local 17 (according to his bio), is now General President of the Sheet Metal Workers International Association and boasts a whopping salary of $447,335 in 2011.  We doubt this huge salary of the backs of the rank and file members sits well.  To be sure, not too many guys in the field are defending this outrageous money grab.
Sheet Metal Union Local 17

Sheet Metal Workers Union Local 17 is run by James Wool, who reported taking in $122,792 last year.  Mr. Wool is joined by several other high earners in Local 17, which you can find here
Mike LaFleur
Sheet Metal Union Local 63

Sheet Metal Workers Local 63 in Springfield is run by Mike LaFleur, who reported making $85,888 in 2011.
Sean O'Brein
Teamsters Union Local 25

Teamsters Local 25 is run by boss Sean O'Brien who claims he made $163,182 in 2011.  However, we think he should be in the car business, what with purchasing 8 new 2012 Lincoln luxury sedans and all.
Teamsters Union Local 170

Teamsters Local 170 out of Worcester reports their head honcho as Michael Hogan.  Mr. Hogan claims his salary was $123,804 in 2011.
Meet the Union Bosses: The 1-Percenters who are Living Large
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