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IBEW 103's Lucky Winners:
"Dorchester's Own 1-Percenters Club"

There are so many highly paid  FOMM (Friends of Mike Monahan) in IBEW Local 103, we had to dedicate this separate page to list all of the 1-Percenters.  To see Mike Monahan's salary, click here.

In addition to 103 boss Michael Monahan's salary of $163,277, there are others enjoying the generous pay off the backs of their members.  Two notables are:

Charles J. Monahan, Local 103's Financial Secretary raked in a salary of $161,877.  We wonder, is he any relationship to union boss Michael Monahan? Charles is the second of four people named Monahan on 103's payroll.  For a complete list, click here

Louis Antonellis, is a Business Agent with 103 and takes home $145,850 from the union.  Of course Louie's most infamous act as a BA for 103 was releasing live rats in an upscale Boston eatery in an effort to terrorize the management because the restaurant refused to give in to his demands to only use his members during renovations.  For the news story as well as Antonellis' police report and court order, click here.

Other 1-Percenters include:

John P. Dumas, Organizer/President - Salary: $147,440

James O'Connell, Business Agent - Salary:$145,800

Richard Antonellis, Business Agent - Salary: $145,967

Martin Aikens, Organizer - Salary: $112,173

Gary Walker, Business Agent - Salary: $146,200

Michael Calder, Business Agent - Salary: $146,900

William Corley, Organizer - Salary: $146,026

Donald Sheehan, Business Agent - Salary: $146,900

James Fay, Business Agent - Salary: $143,739

Roseann M. Flaherty, Secretary - Salary: $89,173

Michelle Lamattina, Secretary - Salary: $84,099
Michael Monahan - IBEW 103 Boss
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