Union Salaries EXPO$ED
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With all the money they rake in, we hope the 1 Percenters in the Bricklayers Union are not as angry as their leader Chuck Raso appears

D. Riley Kreamer, Vice President/field Rep - Salary: $126,597

James Pimental, Field Rep - Salary: $124,858

Joseph Dewey, Field Rep - Salary: $124,120

Robert Rizzi, Vp/recording Secretary - Salary: $123,422

Christopher Medeiros, Field Rep - Salary: $118,771

Marie Costantino, Office Manager - Salary: $100,491

Joseph Grenham, Vice President/field Rep- Salary: $102,061

Paul Enos, Vice President/field Rep - Salary: $98,885

Michael Gagnon, Field Rep - Salary: $82,739

Michael Sara, Field Rep - Salary: $79,053

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